Enormous added value

Katja helped us to get one of our most important products back on Amazon last year. Our team had already been in contact with Amazon for 4 weeks to fix the error. However, the action plan was only accepted when Katja took over the plans and cases for us. After just 7 days, the product was available again, perfect for the Christmas season.

We were so impressed that we booked a morning training course on flat files and support cases for our Amazon sales team. This was also an enormous added value for our team and the work on Amazon. Thank you very much!


Patrick Block
CEO SaleLab GmbH

Very factual and with a lot of experience

Unfortunately, our Amazon account was blocked and after several attempts to unblock it myself, I gave up.

This is exactly where Katja came into play and took care of our Amazon account. The problem was thoroughly worked through and finally solved with Amazon. Just in time for the start of the season, our account was free again with Katja's help.

If there are any problems with our Amazon account in the future, I will contact Katja immediately. She approaches her work very objectively and with a lot of experience.

Many thanks Katja


Josia Hubschneider
grünraumplanung GmbH

A woman with experience

Katja Bell, a woman with experience and talent!

We worked with Ms. Bell on the activation of our seller account on Amazon. Any company that has ever been at the points of "account suspension" and "submitting an action plan" knows how difficult and lengthy such a process can be...

During the time-consuming and labor-intensive development of the action plans, we received competent and valuable support from Ms. Bell. She always made time for meetings during this period, was always available for us by telephone and used her expert knowledge and her many years of experience in this business in such a way that we were reactivated as sellers on Amazon after an intensive exchange.

She is also one of the best when it comes to marketing, advertising and online sales!

Ms. Bell, we thank you for your patience and support and hope that we can count on your great advice for a long time to come!



Such knowledge

As a retailer, you can never build up this kind of knowledge yourself.

Amaz...ing how quickly an account that you have opened with Amazon as a retailer and filled with products with great effort can be closed again by the global market leader for eBusiness due to unfulfilled quality criteria. As an inexperienced store operator at the time, we experienced this several times.

Don't get me wrong, this is not meant to be Amazon bashing. If you know how to use Amazon, then it's a great sales channel for a retailer. But Amazon is a world of its own in which you can get lost. So it's good to have Katja Bell and her experts on hand who not only know where to look, but also know the background to why Amazon regulates certain things in the way we do.

How does Ms. Bell do it? She worked at Amazon for several years and knows the processes. As a retailer, you can never build up this kind of knowledge yourself. That's why we enjoy working with her. She knows, and she doesn't just say what she knows. If Ms. Bell and her team didn't exist, they would have to be invented.

From our point of view: 5 Amazon stars and "gladly again and again".


R. Brubach

Worth every penny

Katja is like a good share and worth every penny!

She listed/optimized our patented product on amazon Europe and trained us on how to send the product to amazon independently and maintain the website. She also manages our "sponsored products" and optimizes the ads on all marketplaces. Keyword optimization and testing accompanies you up to the "manual campaign" and evaluates it for us.

She shows us new ways and potentials and implements them accordingly. She also handles tasks and problems with amazon quickly for us with the amazon help service. An all-round carefree package.

Thank you Katja!



Experienced, professional, conscientious

"At Amazing Jobs, we place experts and freelancers in the Amazon environment. Katja is one of our favorite candidates! She is experienced, professional, conscientious and has a great personality. She combines all the qualities we look for and value in freelancers. Whoever chooses Katja always makes the right choice."


Robin Iyanoye
Co-Founder AMAZing JOBS